R&G Special Issue ‘Religion, Gender and Body Politics’

Religion and Gender has published issue 7:2 on https://www.religionandgender.org/. This special issue is an outcome of the first IARG international conference in 2015 with the title ‘Religion, Gender and Body Politics Postcolonial, Post-secular and Queer Perspectives’. The issue was guest edited by Mariecke van den Berg, Kathrine van den Bogert and Anne-Marie Korte. We invite you to review the articles of the special issue, the book reviews, and two open articles on our website.

Religion and Gender
Vol 7, No 2 (2017): Religion, Gender and Body Politics
Table of Contents

Articles (open section)
The Ghosts of Performance Past: Theatre, Gender, Religion and Cultural Memory (147-163)
Abimbola Adelakun

Transgender Identity, The Sex-Reassignment Surgery Fatwās and Islāmic Theology of A Third Gender (164-179)
M Alipour

Guest Editorial
Religion, Gender, and Body Politics (180-183)
Mariecke van den Berg, Kathrine van den Bogert, Anne-Marie Korte

Articles (special issue)
Unveiling Muslim Women in Socialist Yugoslavia: The Body Between Socialism, Secularism, and Colonialism (184-203)
Tea Hadziristic

A Time to Mourn, a Time to Dance: Abortion Death Rituals in South Korea (204-223)
SeungGyeong Ji

The Body of Mary: Embodiment and Identity in Modern Apparitions (224-239)
Jill Krebs

The Body Politic(s) of the Jezebel Spirit (240-255)
S. Jonathon O’Donnell

Book Reviews
Review of Aisha M. Beliso-De Jesus, Electric Santería: Racial and Sexual Assemblages of Transnational Religion, New York and Chichester, West Sussex: Columbia University Press 2015, xiv + 282 pp., ISBN 978-0231173162. By Louise Autar (256-258).

Review of Susannah Cornwall (ed.), Intersex, Theology and the Bible: Troubling Bodies in Church, Text and Society, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, v + 241 pp., ISBN 978-1-137-36615-3. By Jenny Daggers (259-261).

Review of Azza Basarudin, Humanizing the Sacred: Sisters in Islam and the Struggle for Gender Justice in Malaysia, Seattle and London: University of Washington Press, 2016, 330 pp., ISBN 978-0-295-99531-1. By Çağdaş Dedeoğlu (262-264).

Review of Donna Bowman, Prayer Shawl Ministries and Women’s Theological Imagination, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books 2016, 352 pp., ISBN 978-0-7391-7971-0. By Katherine Dugan (265-267).

Review of Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, A House Full of Females: Plural Marriage and Women’s Rights in Early Mormonism, 1835-1870, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2017, 484 pp., ISBN 9780307594907. By Daniel Gullotta (268-270).

Review of Wendy Urban-Mead, The Gender of Piety: Family, Faith, and Colonial Rule in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe, Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press 2015, xiv + 324 pp, ISBN 9-780821-421581. By Romina Istratii (271-273).

Review of Erin E. Stiles, Katrina Daly Thompson (eds.), Gendered Lives in the Western Indian Ocean: Islam, Marriage, and Sexuality on the Swahili Coast (Indian Ocean Studies Series), Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press 2015, 406 pp., ISBN-13 978-0-8214-21. By Marzia Mauriello (274-277).

Review of Leah Payne, Gender and Pentecostal Revivalism: Making a Female Ministry in the Early Twentieth Century (CHARIS: Christianity and Renewal—Interdisciplinary Studies), New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. ISBN: 1137494670. By Aleksandra Djurić Milovanović (278-280).

Review of Marion Holmes Katz, Women in the Mosque: A History of Legal Thought and Social Practice, New York: Columbia University Press, 2014, viii + 417 pp., ISBN 978-0-231-16266-1. By Ruth Roded (281-283).

Review of Ziba Mir-Hosseini, Mulki Al-Sharmani and Jana Rumminger, Men in Charge? Rethinking Authority in Muslim Legal Tradition, London: Oneworld Publications 2015, 286 pp., ISBN 978-1-78074-716-3. By Diego García Rodríguez (284-286).

Review of Diane D’Souza, Partners of Zaynab: A Gendered Perspective of Shia Muslim Faith, Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2014, 240 pp., ISBN 9781611173772. By Robert Logan Sparks (287-289).

Review of Jeanette Jouili, Pious Practice and Secular Constraints: Women in the Islamic Revival in Europe, Stanford, California: Stanford University Press 2015, xiii + 258 pp., ISBN: 9780804794664. By Nella van den Brandt (290-292).

Journal Religion and Gender

CfP: Sexing Sacred Bodies: Gender and Performance in the Study of Religion

Bodies shape and are shaped by religious practice—they enact ritual, are fashioned to reflect religious identity, inspire and create devotional objects, and define boundaries of sacredness. How does the gender of such bodies shape experiences of the sacred, and how do devotees perform gender within religious landscapes? What does it mean to “masculinize” or “feminize” a religious tradition? How is the study of gender complicated by colonialism and/or nationalism?

The Department of Religion at the University of Florida invites both graduate and undergraduates investigating these intersections of religion, gender, and performance to attend our second annual graduate conference to be held on October 22-23.

The aim of this conference is to bring together scholars from diverse backgrounds and graduate students from a variety of disciplines to discuss new analytical frameworks, present research, and receive collegial feedback. Graduate student papers will be organized in a series of panels in order to facilitate discussion and to allow speakers to field questions from their peers. Additionally, there will be one panel dedicated to undergraduate papers. Of special interest are papers that develop new cross-disciplinary connections, methods, and theoretical approaches to the study of religion, gender, and performance. Such topics may include:

  • femininity/masculinity in ritual performance
  • gendered deities, saints, and sacred objects
  • the application of queer theory to religious studies
  • shifting gender dynamics in religious contexts, etc.

Interested scholars should submit a 200-300 word abstract by July 22 to ufreligiondept@gmail.com. Please include in your abstract submission a preferred email address and your university and department affiliation. Submissions will be judged by peer evaluation and, if selected, authors will be informed of their acceptance in August.

Sexing Sacred Bodies: Gender and Performance in the Study of Religion


Conference Registration Still Open for Listeners

From 12-14 February 2015 the international research project “Interdisciplinary Innovations in the Study of Religion and Gender: Postcolonial, Post-secular and Queer Perspectives” organises its final conference titled: ‘Religion Gender and Body Politics’.

The conference programme is set; the keynote lectures will be held by prof. Minoo Moallem (University of California, Berkeley) prof. Yvonne Sherwood (University of Kent), prof. Ulrike Auga (Humboldt University Berlin), Prof. Sarah Bracke (Leuven University, VUB Brussels, and Harvard University), prof. Scott Kugle (Emory University) and prof. Sarojini Nadar (University of KwaZulu-Natal). Next to the keynote lectures scholars from all over the world come over to Utrecht to present their research on Gender, Religion and Body Politics in paper panels and poster sessions.

If you want to attend the conference as a listener, registration is still open until 8 February 2015. You can register through the webform here.

We are looking forward meeting you at the conference!