The paper and poster guidelines can be downloaded here.

Religion, Gender and Body Politics
Post-secular, post-colonial and queer perspectives

International conference, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 12-14 February 2015.

Guidelines for paper presentations:

  • Paper presentations can last a maximum of 20 minutes, after which 10 minutes is reserved for questions from the audience. There is equipment available for Powerpoint or Prezi presentations and short (YouTube) movies.
  • The organizers of the conference would like to compile an edited volume with selected papers from the conference. In case you are interested in publishing your paper in this edited volume, we ask you to send your paper presentation in written form to [email protected] after which we will select papers based on theme and quality. The selected papers will be developed into full book chapters and peer-reviewed.

Guidelines for poster presentations:

  • A poster presentation is different from an oral paper presentation. In a poster presentation you present your research visually on a poster and stand beside your poster to give further explanation to the visitors. This explanation is concise – like an elevator-pitch – and interactive. The format of a poster presentation will give you the opportunity to engage with questions, suggestions and feedback from the visitors immediately.
  • We suggest to make the size of the poster in A1 format: 841mm-594mm.
  • At the conference venue there is no possibility to print your poster, you need to do this at your own institution or copy shop.
  • For more information on poster presentations (style, format, lay-out), you can visit this website:
  • The poster session takes place on Friday 13th of February, from 16:00-17:00 (see programme) in the main conference room. You can hand in your poster during registration (Thursday evening or Friday morning) and we will place them in the conference room.
  • The best poster presentation (visually, but also your oral explanation) will be awarded a prize of €200,-.

If you have any questions, please contact the conference committee: [email protected]

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