29-30 August 2012 Introductory Meeting 

Utrecht, The Netherlands

17-19 December 2012 First expert meeting: Postcolonial Perspectives

Centre of Gender and Religions Research, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UK.

24-25 January 2013 Symposium: Making Canons. Critical Perspectives and Gendered Processes

Oslo, Norway.

20-21 November 2013 Second expert meeting: Queer Perspectives

Barnard College, Barnard Center for Research on Women, New York, USA.

24-25 April 2014 Third expert meeting: Postsecular Perspectives

Abo Akademi, Centre of excellence in research ‘Post-Secular Culture and a Changing Religious Landscape’, Turku, Finland.

15-16 December 2014 Fourth expert meeting: Religion, Gender and Activism

Ghent University, Belgium

12-14 February 2015 Final Conference

Utrecht, the Netherlands

Open conference, launch of the International Association for the Interdisciplinary Study of Religion and Gender.