Religion, Gender and Body Politics
Post-secular, post-colonial and queer perspectives

From 12 till 14 February 2015 the internationalisation project will be closed with an international conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands under the title: ‘Religion, Gender and Body Politics: post-colonial, post-secular and queer perspectives’. At this conference the International Association for the Study of Religion and Gender (IARG) will be launched. The registration for the conference is open now and we invite all scholars to register for the conference through this web-form before 22 January 2015.

Also scholars who are presenting a paper, poster or panel are invited to register for the conference through the registration form.

For more information:

  • You can find the register-form here
  • You can find the preliminary programme here
  • You can find the call for papers (now closed) here
  • You can find tips for accommodation during the conference here
  • You can find information about the conference venue and directions here

Your registration will only be final when the conference fee of €200 is settled. The payment instructions can be found below. The registration deadline is 22 January 2015.

Payment instructions
The conference fee of €200 needs to be transferred to the bank account mentioned below. The conference fee includes access to the full conference programme, drinks and meals during the conference and a membership for 2015 of the International Association for the Interdisciplinary Study of Religion and Gender (IARG).

Only after completing the conference fee your registration will be final.

IBAN: NL17 ABNA 0555074897
In the name of: Universiteit Utrecht, Faculteit Geesteswetenschappen

Payment reference: WBS:GW.420.1.1.1

Please always mention:
– ‘Fee Body Politics Conference’
–  The payment reference (WBS:GW.420.1.1.1) otherwise your payment won’t arrive at the right place!
–  Name of the conference attendant

The conference fee needs to be settled before 22 January 2015.

If you have any questions concerning the payment please don’t hesitate to contact us:

We look forward to meet you in Utrecht in February!


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